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RRSP Savings



  • Monthly deposits or single lump sums.
  • Loans for RRSP including catch up loans.

Segregated Funds Offers:

  • A place to invest in G.I.C.s, bonds, equities, income.
  • All account types (RRSP, Cash, TFSA, RESP, Non-registered).
  • All or 75% principle protection.
  • Probate free.
  • Over 300 funds to diversify portfolios.
  • Contractual guarantees.
  • Strategic asset allocation.
    • Diversified globally.
    • Diversified by industry.
    • Diversified by fund managers.
    • Diversified by asset class.
  • Transfers, severance packages locked in RRSPs managed as above.
  • Investment advice and regular checkups.
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