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Open Accounts


Investing in Open Accounts which are "not" registered.

Tax-efficient Investing at Its Best

The challenge for Kim and her Financial Advisor is to find an investment tool that allows her to stay involved in her portfolio without losing compounding power to taxes.

Wouldn't it be nice if Kim's non-registered portfolio could act like an RSP allowing both re-balancing and diversification while deferring her capital gains taxes? It can.

C.I. Sector Fund is a tax-deferral investment vehicle that acts like a second RSP with no contribution limit. The structure of C.I. Sector Fund enables investors to switch among the 25 Sector Fund classes without triggering capital gains. With some of C.I.'s most innovative funds represented, investors can lock in gains while diversifying among world regions and economic sectors.

Most importantly, C.I. Sector Fund unleashes the compounding power of capital appreciation; investors can finally make pure investment decisions that are not driven by tax considerations.

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